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Wed Jan 27, 2010 2:53 pm by LaduGuer

Very Happy Okay Ladys Gentlemen Orcs, Squirrels,gnomes and all other members of our beautiful Birth community i am about to kick off our first offical BIRTH guild lotto ( all money goes directly to guild for wishes, Vault upgrades, and nice gear for us all to use and buy )

1ST Prize : RARE RUNE #47
2ND Prize : Nota Rune #36
3RD Prize : 40 Gp #67
4TH Prize : 30 GP #19
( note: gp prizes may be altered by …

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Birth Sig Contest???

Sun Jan 24, 2010 5:04 pm by 0ptikal

think this would be a great way to get some activity on the forums. also we could possibly get some cool sigs/artwork for the guild site/ forum. just shouting out some idea to get ppl more active

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Birth Forums Lotto

Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:34 pm by LaduGuer

Was thinking as a way to get members more active in the forums as well as in the guild we could run a Lotto each two weeks or month with items or gp as the prize (thinking gp is better idea)
already have kind of plan drawen up just wondering if members would go for the idea

say 500k-1mil a ticket drawen every 2 weeks or 1 month and all money gos to the guild vault for upgrades,wishes, and items …

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equip manager installation

Fri Jan 22, 2010 7:29 am by Quibbles

1. download greasemonkey (google it)
2. install gm
3. restart FF
4. download script
5. make sure file extension on script is .user.js
6. with FF open normally, and not the gm window, drag the script onto FF
7. a gm window should open to install script - click install on that
8. restart DoH

the script is here...

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PvP LvL Boosting.....

Sun Nov 22, 2009 2:05 pm by 0ptikal

so ive been stuck @ 75/69 for going on 3 days now. im looking for someone to boost my pvp lvl with. i will return the favor to anyone who needs it. if you are also stuck in a situation somewhat like my own, leave a post here. also i was thinking of maybe starting a seperate account just for this purpose. lemme know if u think that sounds like a good idea. i would need some help lvling it up in …

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Jowls price guide

Thu Dec 17, 2009 3:41 pm by Jowlstar

[size=150]Regular Items[/size]

       Coin      1-2w     3-4w     6w
       MF        75k       500k     3-5w
       EXP       200k      400k      3w
       HPR       50k
       MPR       50k

       Vanilla   10k
       Coin      1-2w      3-4w     6w
       MF        50k       1-2w     6w
       EXP       50k       250k      3-5w
       HPR       200k
       MPR       50k
       POW%      10k       100k      200k-500k
       MND%      10k       100k      200k-500k
       LUK%      10k       100k      200k-400k
       AGI%      10k       100k      200k-300k
       LIF%      10k       100k      200k-300k

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what's Crackin' XD

Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:08 am by Crack

Now, you can reply names of who do you think is responsible to be an Officer or a treasurer Smile

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WW with Paladin or Monk

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WW with Paladin or Monk Empty WW with Paladin or Monk

Post by ThunderGod on Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:50 pm

I would like to know your opinion about this.

I wanted to make a tank so i can talk alot of hits and die slowly (no to die at all)
Here is the skills listed


Marked Territory
Boost LIF, increased boost if Area is controlled by Faction

Bestia Aeterna

Get Off My Leg!
Dodge bonus

Cornered Animal
(Toggle) Regen is deactivated. When this toggle is deactivated, or when fully charged, damage is dealt based on regen that should have been restored.


PHY/HLY attack. Both elements based only on POW.

Divine Favor
HPR and MPR for entire party EXCEPT Paladin. AoETSS

Holy Thorns
Return Damage to Opponent as HLY damage.

Holy Armor
Chance to block (Totally nullify) incoming attacks

Reduce opponent's Resistance to FIR/LIT/ICE

Selfless Attack
Active attack. While using this attack, player also has a chance to intercept damage. Boosts END. Attack damage based on Smite's level.


Tiger Lotus
Active Attack based on POW and AGI. Increases Dodge.

Active skill: give target player HPR and MPR for 3 turns. (Cannot target self)

Fists of Focus
Add HLY Damage to Tiger Lotus, based on MND.


Add AoE to Ohmmmmm and Tiger Lotus. AoETSS.

Increases MND and AGI, decreases POW

Oke paladin got some nice skill like Holy Thorns and Holy Armor, but i don`t know how big the chance is to block the attack to get no damage.

Paladin got 2 team skills like Divine Favor and Righteousness both are very nice to help out your team mates but got no use for me at all.

The monk part, first werewolf with monk you got you double HPR skill and as bonus MPR also, Jainism increases MND and AGI but decreases POW (POW have no use at all for a tank)

The Ohmmmmm to give a player HPR/MPR for 3 turns is also nice but it will cost some nice mana i think, but this is a team skill.
But then the paladin Divine Favor is better then this one, but then again if you got 2 monks ther can cast Ohmmmmmm on each oher.

When i was making this post it seems that WereWolf/Monk is little bit better most of the HPR/MPR skill, but if you got the runes/items you probley won`t need it.

Or you could take alot of + 1 to all to see how much HPR WereWolf gives alone, we all know 10% HPR is max.

Feel free to reply and share your info.


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WW with Paladin or Monk Empty Re: WW with Paladin or Monk

Post by Morphy on Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:59 pm

beeing new and all ... don't know how my oppinion would make a difference ... but from the talks with you guys and the things I have read ... in a normal game I see one problem ... mnd resistance. besides that ... I guess they can take A LOT of hits ... in any combo ... a WW/Monk would be a full tank ... but probably a Pala/Monk would make a good tank with really nice hits ... this would be just my oppinion ... feel free to not consider it Very Happy


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