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Wed Jan 27, 2010 2:53 pm by LaduGuer

Very Happy Okay Ladys Gentlemen Orcs, Squirrels,gnomes and all other members of our beautiful Birth community i am about to kick off our first offical BIRTH guild lotto ( all money goes directly to guild for wishes, Vault upgrades, and nice gear for us all to use and buy )

1ST Prize : RARE RUNE #47
2ND Prize : Nota Rune #36
3RD Prize : 40 Gp #67
4TH Prize : 30 GP #19
( note: gp prizes may be altered by …

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Birth Sig Contest???

Sun Jan 24, 2010 5:04 pm by 0ptikal

think this would be a great way to get some activity on the forums. also we could possibly get some cool sigs/artwork for the guild site/ forum. just shouting out some idea to get ppl more active

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Birth Forums Lotto

Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:34 pm by LaduGuer

Was thinking as a way to get members more active in the forums as well as in the guild we could run a Lotto each two weeks or month with items or gp as the prize (thinking gp is better idea)
already have kind of plan drawen up just wondering if members would go for the idea

say 500k-1mil a ticket drawen every 2 weeks or 1 month and all money gos to the guild vault for upgrades,wishes, and items …

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equip manager installation

Fri Jan 22, 2010 7:29 am by Quibbles

1. download greasemonkey (google it)
2. install gm
3. restart FF
4. download script
5. make sure file extension on script is .user.js
6. with FF open normally, and not the gm window, drag the script onto FF
7. a gm window should open to install script - click install on that
8. restart DoH

the script is here...

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PvP LvL Boosting.....

Sun Nov 22, 2009 2:05 pm by 0ptikal

so ive been stuck @ 75/69 for going on 3 days now. im looking for someone to boost my pvp lvl with. i will return the favor to anyone who needs it. if you are also stuck in a situation somewhat like my own, leave a post here. also i was thinking of maybe starting a seperate account just for this purpose. lemme know if u think that sounds like a good idea. i would need some help lvling it up in …

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Jowls price guide

Thu Dec 17, 2009 3:41 pm by Jowlstar

[size=150]Regular Items[/size]

       Coin      1-2w     3-4w     6w
       MF        75k       500k     3-5w
       EXP       200k      400k      3w
       HPR       50k
       MPR       50k

       Vanilla   10k
       Coin      1-2w      3-4w     6w
       MF        50k       1-2w     6w
       EXP       50k       250k      3-5w
       HPR       200k
       MPR       50k
       POW%      10k       100k      200k-500k
       MND%      10k       100k      200k-500k
       LUK%      10k       100k      200k-400k
       AGI%      10k       100k      200k-300k
       LIF%      10k       100k      200k-300k

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what's Crackin' XD

Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:08 am by Crack

Now, you can reply names of who do you think is responsible to be an Officer or a treasurer Smile

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Upcomming Updates - Classes

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Upcomming Updates - Classes Empty Upcomming Updates - Classes

Post by Smack Death on Sat Feb 20, 2010 7:07 am


T1- Skills
Martial Lore (Weapon Attack)
Active attack

Forest Lore
2% HPR

Hunter's Lore (Req. Martial Lore)
66.7% crit damage multiplier.

Mountain Lore (Req. Forest Lore)
Increased to-hit and dodge by equivalent of 80% AGI

Spearmaster's Lore (Req. Hunter's Lore)
Add 30% phy damage to Martial Lore, increase critical chance by equivalent of 66.5% AGI.

River Lore (Req. Mountain Lore)
Add 60% Lit Damage to Martial Lore


Damages -PHY, LIT : 90% damage
Afflicts - None
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-2 , Mnd-0 , End-1 , Agi-1 , Lif-1 , Luk-0

Comments - Base attack damage can be a little on the low side - all skills are passive offense skills.--Lurk


T1- Skills
Center Mass (Weapon Attack)
Active attack ignoring BDef from gear except Wrist, Arms, Hands, Finger, Chest. 40% chance to Bleed

Kneecap (Weapon Attack)
Active attack ignoring BDef from gear except Waist, Legs, Feet. 40% chance to Slow

Shadow Play (Req. Kneecap)
Add 45% PSI Dam

Venom (Req. Center Mass)
Add 45% POI Dam

Headshot (Weapon Attack) (Req. Kneecap AND Center Mass)
Active attack ignoring BDef from gear except Neck, Head, Eyes. 27.5% Chance to Blind and Mana Drain. (Don't need to increase damage - better armor elimination provides the advantage.)

Double Tap (Req. Headshot)
Dual Wield for 1H weapons, ranged and non-ranged. Reduce effective BD by 50% initially, when a second 1H is equipped. Recover effective BD with investment of points. When maxxed, effective BD is multiplied by 1.2. (120%)


Damages - PHY, PSI, POI : 70% damage
Afflicts - Bleed, Slow, Blind, Mana Drain
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-2 , Mnd-0 , End-1 , Agi-2 , Lif-0 , Luk-0

Comments - For Dual Wield: In the beginning, divide BD by a multiplier of 50% so that the average damage is the same. (BD1 + BD2 * .5) As you boost the skill, increase that multipler to a max of 120% (1.2).


T1- Skills
Power Chord (Cast)
Prismatic Active Attack

Heavy Metals
Increase Bard's LUK by 45% and MF by 37.5%. Increase party's luck by 22.5% and MF by 18.75%(Aura). AoETSS,

Rockabye (Req. Power Chord)
Adds 75% AoE chance to sleep. (56.25% to target, 37.5% splash). AoETS.

Hard as Rock (Req. Heavy Metals)
Increases Party's Res to all damage by 20%(Aura).AoETSS

Metalnemia (Req Rockabye)
Lower all enemy resists on landing an attack by 28.57%

Power Ballad (Req. Hard as Rock)
15% Damage multiplier to all damage types, for entire party.(Aura) AoETSS.


Damages - Prismatic
Afflicts - Sleep
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-0 , Mnd-1 , End-1 , Agi-1 , Lif-1 , Luk-1

Comments - None


T1- Skills
Bestial Ferocity (Weapon Attack)
Active attack, chains to Ravenous Rake if that skill has points and if this attack isn't dodged.

Roo's Monster Chow (Summons: 'Chinchilla Horde', 'Pank and Panzer', 'Arson the Cockatiel')
Investment in this skill will add summon skills as the player invests. Player may only have one summon active from "Roo's Monster Chow" at a time. Initially, the player will have "Chinchilla Horde," which will have a weak phy attack and a weak mnd attack, (Random elemental damage) and if the player is weakened, they will use a heal spell that sacrifices themselves to heal the player. (Only the player.) Numbers summoned should increase quickly as the player invests. At level 45, the Tanker Twins are made available. This is a panda tank, (Pank) with LIF/END, personal 1.5% HPR, 20% chance to intercept damage, phy damage, better damage but without the numbers of the chinchilla. (Lower total damage output.) When the skill is leveled to 60, the summon brings two pandas instead of one. (Pank and Pandzer). At level 80, the player can use the Arson the Cockatiel, which attacks with heavy MND-based FIR damage, but low on defensive attributes. It has 10% MPL and 30% chance to inflict curse. All summon stats listed for Tanker Twins and Arson the Cockatiel are at the point that they're first unlocked, and should increase with investment.

Pyropetricks (Req. Roo's Monster Chow)
PHY/FIR attack for the summon to use, chained from the summon's attack. When using this attack, summon's chance to crit boosted consistent with a 90% agi bonus.

Ravenous Rake (Req. Bestial Ferocity)
PHY/POI attack chained from Bestial Ferocity, 50% chance to afflict with Bleed with this attack.

Primal Protection (Req Ravenous Rake)
1.0% regen to both player and pet, increases player's dodge consistent with 80% agi boost.

No Sweat My Pet (Req Ravenous Rake)
Multiplies the damage of all summons by 30%, and raises END of summons by 40% of the player's END. Adds a 30% chance to intercept attacks targeting the player. Chance to intercept will stack additively with the Tanker Twin's chance to intercept.


Damages - PHY/POI/FIR
Afflicts - None
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-2 , Mnd-0 , End-1 , Agi-1 , Lif-1 , Luk-0

Comments - None


T1- Skills
Molotov Cocktail (Cast)
Active AoE FIR attack

Lay Waste (Req. Molotov Cocktail)
Use M&R to increase potency of damage and healing.(See comments)

Farmaceuticals (Req. Molotov Cocktail)
Active, targeted heal.

Flash Bang (Req. Farmaceuticals)
Active no-damage skill. Increase party's dodge-rate by equiv of 66.5% AGI for three turns, 30% chance to inflict AoE confusion on every enemy, every turn, for three turns.

Mechanic (Req. Lay Waste)
Decreases Mats/Reagents consumed by Lay Waste by 50%

Rune Detonation (Req. Flash && Waste)
Active attack. (See comments)

Damages - FIR
Afflicts - Confuse by Flash Bang, All by Rune Detonation
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-0 , Mnd-2 , End-0 , Agi-1 , Lif-2 , Luk-0

Comments - Lay Waste and Rune Det detailed in the Mechanics Doc. (Unique skills > Chemist) Lay waste should be a little unreasonable in it's consumption until mechanic is applied.


T1- Skills
10% resistance to all afflicts, and 20% resistance to HLY/POI for the Cleric, 7.5%/10% for the party. AoETS.

Holy Strike (Cast)
Holy Active Attack(Spell)

Prayer (Req. Pruify)
2.25% HPR for party, EXCEPT Cleric.(Aura). AoETSS.

Piety (Req. Holy Strike)
Add 45% HLY damage to party(Aura). AoETSS.

Lay Hands (Req Purify && Strike)
Active targeted heal.(Spell)

Don't Follow the Light (Req Prayer && Piety && Lay Hands)
Active resurrect of fallen party member with 75-90% health. (Spell)


Damages - Hly
Afflicts - None
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-0 , Mnd-2 , End-0 , Agi-1 , Lif-2 , Luk-0

Comments - Renamed Purity (Remedy) to Purify. Close, but not a match to angel's skill. See notes in the Mech Doc regarding stacking between auras and normal skills. (Like an HPR skill and an HPR aura.). Clerics cannot benefit from prayer, even from a second Cleric.--Lurk Mechanic may turn into an AoE poi skill (Or something else) if Gnome's racial skill isn't cleared. --Lurk


T1- Skills
Doomslash (Weapon Attack)
Active Attack

Psycho Split
30% chance to inflict Mana Drain, Bleed. If the player lands either of these afflicts, player rolls again to land the other afflict as per multiple-afflict skills in the mech doc.

Degeneration (Req. Doomslash)
Lowers opponent's Afflict resists by 15% each and LIT Res by 80% for 2 turns on successful attack. (3 turns on critical hit)

Blood Sword (Req. Psycho Split)
10% HPL

Power Hungry (Req. Degeneration)
Lowers opponent's POW by 60%, Raises DK's POW by the same # value (Not % of DK's POW). Requires a successful weapon hit, lasts 2 turns.

Icy Fear (Req. Blood Sword)
Add 40% ICE Dam, 20% chance to Freeze

Damages - PHY, ICE
Afflicts - Mana drain/bleed
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-3 , Mnd-0 , End-0 , Agi-1 , Lif-1 , Luk-0

Comments - Notes indicate that Psycho Split was altered to Mana Drain/Bleed, but the webdoc doesn't indicate this. Changed data here to MD/B, need to verify with Baz. --Lurk


T1- Skills
Dark Blast (Cast)
FIR Active Attack

Dark Strike
No damage Active Attack that lowers opponent's FIR Res by 37.5% each for the next 2 rounds (3 when Crit)

Mana Corruption (Req. Dark Blast)
15% MPL

Diseased Mind (Req Dark Strike)
50% chance to Curse

Life Siphon (Req. Diseased Mind) (Summon: Uphir)
Summon HPL creature. Leeches 10% of player's mitigated Dark Blast damage, but deals no damage itself, then transfers that leeched health to the player on the next turn. Successful leech lowers Opponent's PHY Res by 50% for 2 turns. (3 on critical hit.)

Unholy Intellect (Req Mana Corruption)
HP equivalent to 40% decrease of LIF, increasing FIR damage of Dark Blast by 90%


Damages - FIR/ICE/LIT
Afflicts - Curse
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-0 , Mnd-2 , End-0 , Agi-2 , Lif-1 , Luk-0

Comments - Unholy Intellect is a multiplier - most extra damage is add damage, which doesn't care about types of damage, so this isn't split between the three damage types. --Lurk


T1- Skills
Self Preservation
Active FIR attack multiplied by current HP, (100% multiplier at 1/2 HP, diminishing returns for 120% at full power.) Lowers enemy POI res by 50%.(Spell)

Self Projection
Toggle skill. While this skill is active, the Druid will distribute his MP to the players around him. The amount of MP distributed will be determined by MND. (Like a damage calc) Each players' % of MP lost will be used as a ratio to determine what percentage of the MP is distributed to each player.

Nature's Pride (Req. Self-Projection && Self-Preservation)
Increases Party's Max HP equiv. to 30% increase in LIF.(Aura)

Giving (Req. Nature's Pride)
Returns 30% of Damage to enemy. (Calculated AFTER absorbtion by Receiving, if invested) Is not activated by friendly fire.

Receiving (Req. Nature's Pride)
Absorb Damage up to 30% and convert it into MP at 1:1 ratio. Does not absorb friendly fire. Scale % absorbed and efficiency of conversion.

Medium (Req Giving && Receiving)
Takes Dam from Party and redirects it to Opponents, amplified by 150%. Any dam dealt to the druid from the enemy is amplified by 150%, and evenly divided among all allied party members. Druid takes an additional 5% of the damage he passes on.

Damages - PHY
Afflicts - None
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-0 , Mnd-2 , End-1 , Agi-0 , Lif-2 , Luk-0

Comments - Druids can form a chain of druids, each one amplifying damage by 150%. This is a reward for good planning and coordination between multiple druids. If a circular loop is ever formed, it will infinitely pass and amplify damage until one of them dies from the 5%. If the druid dies from his 5% share of damage, damage is not dealt to the enemy. While using this skill, allies' attacks directed at the druid are stripped of effects like lowered resistances or afflictions.--Lurk Update: Recieving absorbtion is calculated first. Left over damage is used in all other damage calculations.--Lurk


T1- Skills
Lunge (Weapon Attack)
Active attack with a to-hit reduced by equivalent of 25% reduction in AGI, damage increased 30%

Gut (Weapon Attack)
Active attack with a to-hit increase by equivalent of 25% increase in Agi, damage decreased by 30%

Cheer (Req. Lunge)
Active skill. Cast in round 1. In round 3, heals the Gladiator for 40% of the damage he deals in round 2. This skill also passively lowers Opponents PSI by 50%, with successful weapons strike for 2 turns (three on critical hit.)(Spell)

Rage (Req. Gut)
Return 15% Dam to Attacker. Add 35% phy damage.

Incisive (Req. Cheer)
Increase to-hit of all attacks equivalent to 22.22% boost in AGI, return 20% damage(Total 35% w/Rage) and add 30% phy damage. (Total of 65% w/Rage)

Iaculum (Req. Rage.) (Ranged Attack)
AoE Active Attack with a 40% Chance to Entangle/Weak


Damages - PHY
Afflicts - Weak/Entangle
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-2 , Mnd-0 , End-1 , Agi-1 , Lif-1 , Luk-0

Comments - Damage better be good due to having 4 active skills--Baz. Made Gladiator Net a passive, since this guy has a glut of active skills. Also uprated some values.--Lurk


T1- Skills
Trigger Happy (Ranged Weapon Attack)
Active attack with chance to chain to a second attack if using ranged weapon. (Scale chance to chain, 100% max.)

Lie in Wait
Active non-damage skill that causes the player to wait out a turn with no actions, and have increased crit. chance and increased crit. damage on the next turn. Player can use any skill they like for this attack. (scale crit chance/damage mult - 3.0 multiplier maxed.(300%) )

Ackbar's Legacy (Req. Trigger Happy)
30% chance to Bleed/Entangle. If the player lands either of these afflicts, player rolls again to land the other afflict as per multiple-afflict skills in the mech doc.

Searing Arrow (Req. Lie in Wait)
Add 45% FIR damage

Barrage (Req. Ackbar's Legacy) (Ranged Weapon Attack)
Ranged AoE Attack. AoETSS.

Marked (Req. Searing Arrow)
Damage to afflicted enemies increased by 100%.


Damages - PHY, FIR
Afflicts - Bleed/Entangle
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-2 , Mnd-0 , End-1 , Agi-1 , Lif-0 , Luk-1

Comments - Lie in wait is more than doubled. Since you skip a turn to use it, it should be effective enough for two attacks, plus it has to justify the player's investment.


T1- Skills
Nightmare (Cast)
Active attack split 60% into PSI, and 40% into one other random elemental output.

Raises dodge by equiv of 66.7% AGI boost

Soul Trap (Req. Duplication)
5% HPL/ 7.5% MPL

Haunting (Req. Nightmare)
20% to all afflicts, and random Res lowered by 37.5 on successful attack for 2 turns. (3 turns on critical hit.)

Shadow Clones (Req. Soul Trap) (Summon: Character's Name in Italics or Underlined)
A chance to passively summon Clone, capable of dealing Dam and with chance of intercepting damage, but with only 1 HP and zero mitigation. Scale chance to intercept damage (up to 60% each) and maximum number of clones at once. (4 clones when maxed)

Mass Hysteria (Req. Haunting)
Makes nightmare AoE. AoETSS.


Damages - Random
Afflicts - Random
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-0 , Mnd-2 , End-1 , Agi-1 , Lif-1 , Luk-0

Comments - Shadow clones is the only summon that can stack with itself. 1 summon is permitted, plus .06 per point in the skill, or 3.1 summons per point. If a player can manage 50 points via enchants, he could have a fourth summon.


T1- Skills
Beatdown (Weapon Attack)
Active Attack that can be either Melee or Ranged

Differing Charges
LIT Active Attack

Battle Hardened
Increased defense by equivalent of 40% END boost, provide a LUK-based chance to chain Charges from Beatdown, or Beatdown from Charges. May not chain more than one attack.

Watts Up Now (Req. Differing Charges)
Increase LIT Dam from Charges by 50%

Suckerpunch (Req. Beatdown)
Increased PHY Dam from Beatdown by 50%

Ace of Spades (Req. Battle Hardeneded)
Increased LUK by 40%, MF by 33.3%\



Damages - PHY/LIT
Afflicts - None
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-1 , Mnd-1 , End-1 , Agi-1 , Lif-0 , Luk-1

Comments - One T3 skill unlocks another T3 skill - this should permit investment as per T4 skills. For instance, 10 opints in Battle Hardened would permit 11 points in Ace of Spaces. However, 10 points in Battle Hardened and 10 points in electrician would permit 20 points in investment in Ace of Spades. No stacking, no interaction - just whatever's higher, the permitted investment from the T2, or the permitted investment from the T3.


T1- Skills
Tiger Lotus (Weapon Attack)
Active Attack basing damage 70% on POW and 30% on AGI, increases Dodge by equiv. of 66.7% agi boost.

Active skill: give target player 8% HPR and 12% MPR for 3 turns. (Cannot target self)

Fists of Focus (Req T1 TLCM)
Add HLY to Tiger Lotus Craning Mantis, based on MND.

Meditation (Req. Ohmmmmm)
1.5% HPR and 2.25%MPR

Conversion (Req. Fists of Focus.)
Add AoE to Ohmmmmm, and TLCM. AoETSS.

Jainism (Req. Meditation.)
Increased MND and AGI by 50% each, but decreased POW 30%.


Damages - PHY/HLY
Afflicts - None
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-2 , Mnd-2 , End-0 , Agi-1 , Lif-0 , Luk-0

Comments - None


T1- Skills
Shria's Breath (Cast)
Active AoE POI Attack

Skeleton Battalion (Summon: Skeleton Battalion)
Active summon: Horde of Skeletons, deals PHY Dam. (Scale skeleton's power and number of skeletons)

Hardened Bone (Req. Skeleton Batalion)
Increased PHY Res 50% and Skeletons PHY Dam by 30%

Shria's Corruption (Req. Shria's Breath)
Lower Opponent's POI and HLY Res by 75%

Armor of the Dead (Req. Hardened Bone)
Increased PHY/FIR/ICE/LIT Dam Res by 55.5%, Returns 10% of Dam and 22.22% Chance to afflict with curse when returning damage.

Soul Tap (Req. Shria's Corruption)
13.33% HPL and 20% MPL


Damages - PHY/POI
Afflicts - Curse
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-0 , Mnd-2 , End-1 , Agi-0 , Lif-1 , Luk-0

Comments - None


T1- Skills
Medium Ranged Attack, also passively adds 40% chance to cause Bleed

Chakra Jutsu
Raised Res to entangle, blind, sleep, paralyze, weak by 30%

Shobo (Req. Shuriken)
PHY attack with 90% chance to chain a second (or 3rd, 4th, 5th) attack, targeting random enemies. Every attack that is chained, decreases the chance of a subsequent chain 50%. (Chance of chains - 90% on first attack, 45% on the second, 22.5%, 11.25%, etc.) The chained attacks all use the player's investment in Shuriken to determine damage.

Raiton (Req. Chakra Jutsu)
Increased dodge/crit chance by equiv. of 80% agi boost.

Tsukuyomi (Req. Shobo)
After the player is killed, this active attack can be used only once to attack with increased critical chance/damage. Scale critical chance to a 100% (double) boost, and boost to critical damage by up to 200% (Triple). Using this attack eliminates any chance for the player to be resurrected.

Ninjitsu (Req. Raiton)
Return 30% of damage to opponent


Damages - PHY
Afflicts - Bleed
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-2 , Mnd-0 , End-0 , Agi-2 , Lif-1 , Luk-0

Comments - None


T1- Skills
Smite (Weapon Attack)
PHY/HLY attack. Both elements based only on POW.

Divine Favor
1% HPR and 1.5% MPR for entire party EXCEPT Paladin.(Aura). AoETSS

Holy Thorns (Req. Smite)
Return 20% of Damage to Opponent as HLY damage.

Holy Armor (Req. Divine Favor)
20% chance to block (Totally nullify) incoming attacks.

Righteousness (Req. Holy Thorns)
Reduce opponent's Res to FIR/LIT/ICE 33.3%

Selfless Attack (Req. Holy Armor) (Weapon Attack)
Active attack. While using this attack, player also has a 30% chance to intercept damage. Boosts END by 30%. Attack damage based on Smite's level.(See comments)(Scale %END granted and chance to intercept damage.)


Damages - PHY/HLY
Afflicts - None
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-1 , Mnd-0 , End-2 , Agi-1 , Lif-2 , Luk-0

Comments - Holy Armor nullification can be 'dodged' as per the rules regarding 'damage intercept skills. The "Selfless Attack" skill will use the player's investment in 'Smite' to determine PHY/HLY, but will use the player's investment in "Selfless Attack" to determine the chance of intercepting enemy damage. (This makes it possible to attack without intercepting, and lets you intercept without having to build up a second attack.) Holy thorns and Holy Armor can also return/nullify damage recieved from Selfless attack. Lastly, the Paladin himself cannot benefit from Divine Favor, even if it's from another Paladin.


T1- Skills
Swashbuckler's Blade (Weapon Attack)
Active Attack calculated from adding MND and POW, then splitting the damage into FIR and PHY using the MND/POW ratio. Also, has a LUK-based chance to chain. Chance to chain is initially low at 20%, but increases by 50% with each hit. (20%, 30, 45, etc.) Player cannot strike the same opponent twice in one round with this chain. (Chain length is capped by number of opponents.)

More Booty (Req. Swashbuckler)
Increase LUK by 60%

Treasure Map (Req. Swashbuckler)
Weakens Swashbuckler's blade with LUK/MF increased by 60%/50%

Greedy Intuition (Req. More Booty)
Increase MF by 75%

Sea Legs (Req.Treasure Map)
Increased Dodge/Crit Chance by equivalent of 100% AGI boost.

Superstitious Alliance (Req. T2 Treasure Map)
'Chance to add 40% damage. 50/50 chance of damage type being LIT or ICE. Chance to land added damage starts at 10% and scales to MF up to 80%.


Damages - PHY/FIR
Afflicts - None
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-1 , Mnd-0 , End-1 , Agi-1 , Lif-0 , Luk-2

Comments - None


T1- Skills
Mind Bullets (Cast)
Active PSI attack with a bonus to Crit Chances

Noodle Link (Req . Psi Blast)
Transfer an amplified amount of MP to Ally

Mind Siphon (Req. Psi Blast)
15% MPL, lowers enemies HLY Res by 75% with a successful hit, for 2 turns (3 if critical.)

Overdraw (Req. Focus)
Add 80% PSI damage, Increase MP cost by 160%. (Proportional to skill damage increase.)

Inspiration (Req. Mind Siphon)
Increase MP by equiv. of 40% MND boost, and 4% MPR to entire party except the Psion himself. (Aura). AoETSS

Disrupted focus (Req Overdraw && Inspiration)
50% Chance to totally cancel damage from a single spell source when attacked, once per turn.

Damages - PSI
Afflicts - None
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-0 , Mnd-2 , End-1 , Agi-1 , Lif-1 , Luk-0

Comments - None


T1- Skills
Sneak Attack (Weapon Attack)
Active attack with increased Crit Chance equiv. to 66.7% boost to AGI.

Concussive Shot (Ranged Weapon Attack)
Active skill. Ranged attack with 20% chance to Slow/Confuse. If the player lands either of these afflicts, player rolls again to land the other afflict as per multiple-afflict skills in the mech doc.

Outdoorsman (Req. Sneak Attack)
Increased resistance to all afflictions by 18.75%

Keen Eyesight (Req. Concussive Shot)
Lowers opponent's PHY Res by 75%.

Healing Salve (Req. Outdoorsman)
Active skill. Heal target in the Ranger's row over 3 turns, remove 1 random afflict on the first turn. Healing stacks if used in successive turns.(Spell)

Noxious Concoction (Req. Keen Eyesight)
Add 60% POI to all attacks


Damages -
Afflicts - Slow, Confuse
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-2 , Mnd-0 , End-2 , Agi-1 , Lif-0 , Luk-0

Comments - None


T1- Skills
Backstab (Weapon Attack)
Attack with up to double crit chances

Treated Weapons
Add 20% POI to attacks, player's chance to curse becomes AoE.(Notes)

Festering Wound (Req. Backstab)
Add DoT to Backstab, reducing damage to up 2/3 of calculate damage, but then applying a % (up tp 100%) of those 2/3 in the next two rounds as well, totalling (when skill is maxed) double the damage. Skills needs to overlap in every round so the Rogue hits again for damage PLUS the DoT on previous hit opponents.

Twist the Knife (Req. Treated Weapons)
Increase Crit Damage by 75%

Incredible Alacrity (Festering Wound)
50% Chance on critical hit to chain a second attack. Each subsequent chain attack WILL chain again, on a critical hit. Raises the cap(not the value itself) on critical chance to 100% after successfully beginning the chain but lowers the cap on each successive hit. (100%, 80%, 64%, 51.2, etc.)

Nimble Fingers (Twist the Knife)
Increased MF/LUK by 37.5%/40%


Damages -
Afflicts - None
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-2 , Mnd-0 , End-0 , Agi-2 , Lif-0 , Luk-1

Comments - The chance to curse that Treated weapons makes AoE must come from the player's own investment.


T1- Skills
Deft Strike (Ranged Weapon Attack)
Active phy attack, 100% damage bonus when ranged

Decrease opponent's FIR/LIT/ICE resistance by 40% for 2 turns (3 on critical hit) on a successful attack.

Behind Enemy Lines (Req. Deft Strike)
Increase Dodge/To-Hit by equiv. of 80% AGI boost.

Infiltration (Req. Observation)
Decrease Opponent's HLY/PSI Res by 40% for 2 turns (3 on critical hit) after successful attack.

Fieldcraft (Req. Behind Enemy Lines)
100% Chance to counter with Silence/Blind increased by 40%. If the player lands either of these afflicts while countering, player rolls again to land the other afflict as per multiple-afflict skills in the mech doc.

Sabotage (Req. Infiltration)
Decrease Opponent's PHY/POI Res 40% for 2 turns (3 on critical) after successful attack.


Damages - PHY
Afflicts - Silence, Blind
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-1 , Mnd-0 , End-0 , Agi-2 , Lif-1 , Luk-1

Comments - All the scout's resist-reduction skills can be passive and equally weighted, because each additional resist-reduction skill stacks into attacks.


T1- Skills
Tenkualaktli (Cast)
Active POI Attack with 6.67% HP Leech(Spell)

Harsh Language
Add 40% PHY Dam

Add 20% Chance to afflict Sleep/Curse

Altered Strike (Req. Harsh Language)
Add POW-based PHY attack chained from Tenkualaktli. Utilizes the leech from Tenkualaktli and the PHY from Harsh Language.

Fang and Talon (Req. Harsh Language)
Leech and Harsh Language become AoE. Main attack damage remains targeted. (Leech based on 50% damage for target, then 25% damage for other targets. Tenkualaktli AoE is applied as normal. (75%/50%) (Notes). AoETS

Ritualist (Req Totem, AS, FaT)
Active skill. Resurrect targeted party member with 1/3rd HP, 20% passive chance to auto-revive when killed.(Spell)


Damages - PHY/POI
Afflicts - Sleep, Curse
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-1 , Mnd-2 , End-0 , Agi-1 , Lif-1 , Luk-0

Comments - Leech AoE is nerfed since the player will be leeching from so many sources, to prevent leech twinking. AoE Leech damage should be based on player's mitigated attack damage against each individual target, but should not deal actual damage other than the leech.


T1- Skills
Charged Strike (Cast)
MND-based PHY Attack(Spell)

Force Shield
Returns 10% of FIR/ICE/LIT damage to attacker, absorbs 30%. Returns 5% PHY/HLY/PSI/POI, absorbs 15%. Every point of damage reflected and absorbed consumed MP at a 1:2 ratio of damage to MP lost.(Scale % damage returned/absorbed and scale ratio of damage : MP burned to more efficiency)(Toggle)

Fire Adept (Req CS && FS)
75% chance to add 30% FIR dam to CS. FS returns additional 10% of FIR damage, and absorbs additional 20%, returns additional 5% PHY, returns 10%, absorbs additional 10% PSI. Adds 20% res to Silence, Paralyze when damage is mitigated by FS. (Scale % chance to add damage, % of damage added, % of damage returned and absorbed by FS, and % resistance to afflicts)(Increasing returns)

Ice Adept (Req CS && FS)
75% chance to add 30% ICE dam to CS. FS returns additional 10% of ICE dam, and absorbs additional 20%, returns additional 5% PHY, returns 10%, absorbs additional 10% HLY. Adds 20% Res to Freeze, Befuddle when damage is mitigated by FS. (Scale % chance to add damage, % of damage added, % of damage returned and absorbed by FS, and % resistance to afflicts)(Increasing returns)

Lightning Adept (Req CS && FS)
75% chance to add 30% LIT dam to CS. FS returns additional 10% of LIT dam, and absorbs additional 20%, returns additional 5% PHY, returns 10%, absorbs additional 10% POI. Adds 20% res to Curse, Mana Drain when damage is mitigated by FS. (Scale % chance to add damage, % of damage added, % of damage returned and absorbed by FS, and % resistance to afflicts)(Increasing returns)

Elemental Mastery (Req CS && FS)
Increases Charged Strike and Fire/Ice/Lit Mastery Dam output by 20% and mana consumption by 40%, Force Shield's reflects additional 10% PHY, absorbs 15%, reflects additional 5% FIR/ICE/LIT, absorbs 15%, and absorbs additional 10% HLY/POI/PSI.(Scale damage increases/mana consumption, % damage reflected/absorbed)(Increasing returns)


Damages -
Afflicts - None
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-0 , Mnd-3 , End-0 , Agi-1 , Lif-1 , Luk-0

Comments - Force shield will need watching. These skills are individually weaker, but their overlap can be very powerful. If you could max all your skills, you'd be able to, between reflecting and absorbing, avoid 100% PHY/FIR/ICE/LIT damage, and 30% HLY/PSI/POI. However, with this new tree structure, it is impossible to max all of these skills.


T1- Skills
Wet Willy (Non-Weapon Physical Attack)
Active attack, with a passive 20% chance to afflict with Berserk

Holy Krusader (Summon: Demetrius)
HLY Dam Summon with personal 3% HPR

Dark Trouper (Req. Holy Krusader) (Summon: Lothar)
POI Dam Tank Summon with 40% chance to intercept damage

St. Bernard (Req. Holy Krusader) (Summon: Mozart)
Summon that heals the most wounded party member.

Demonic Soul-Counter (Req. St. Bernard and Dark Trouper) (Summon: Vetis)
Summon that converts player HP to MP. (Max HP drained/turn = (Max MP * .2 ) - current MP). This skill can kill the player. (Scale the ratio of HP lost to MP restored, with a ratio of 1:2 at 35.)

Killer Attack Cats (Req. Demonic Soul-Counter) (Summon)
Double-summon - Tiger intercepts damage directed at player and kitten, strong attack. Kitten has a weak attack, heals weakened players/summons that removes afflictions from afflicted or weakened players or summons, increases crit chance of player and all summons by 66.7% - names are Sigfried and Roy

Damages -
Afflicts - None
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-0 , Mnd-2 , End-2 , Agi-1 , Lif-0 , Luk-0

Comments - Demonic Soul-Counter is a summon that will drain HP according rules similar to MPR, and according to that formula, will regen up to 100% MPR from the player's HP to try and maintain 10% MP.


T1- Skills
Smackdown (Weapon Attack)
Active attack. It hurts things.

Shield Bash
Add 33% chance to paralyze and, with defensive OH equipped, add 50% chance to counter with Paralyze.

Core Strength
Add 45% PHY dam

Increased Dodge adding 30% of total POW to total AGI for the purpose of dodge.

Increased Critical chance equiv. to 133% agi boost

Increase party's PHY resist by 37.5%. (Aura) AoETSS


Damages - PHY
Afflicts - Paralyze
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-2 , Mnd-0 , End-1 , Agi-1 , Lif-0 , Luk-1

Comments - None


T1- Skills
Storm Winds (Cast)
Active ICE attack

Storm Charge (Cast)
Active LIT Attack

Tasha's Elemental (Reqs SW && SC) (Summon: 'Sparkle', 'Icicle')
Summon an elemental randomly: LIT or ICE

Restoration (Reqs SW)
AoE heal with 50% chance to remove one affliction from each affected party member. AoETSS.

Eager Mind (Reqs SC)
4.5% MPR

Storm Mage (Reqs TE && Restoration && Eager Mind)
Add 33% Freeze to ICE and ICE elemental, 33% Paralyze to LIT and LIT elemental, 33%. Increase Dam done with SW and to SC by 30%


Damages - ICE/LIT
Afflicts - Blind, Silence, Freeze, Paralyze, Curse
Stats Per Lvl - Pow-0 , Mnd-2 , End-1 , Agi-1 , Lif-1 , Luk-0

Comments - None
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